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Nintendo DS I-Pod Clone

| 0 comments | Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here is a cool video about the I-Pod Clone on Nintedo DS.

Watch, Learn and Enjoy!

My Simple Digital Camera That Rocks the Bucks

| 0 comments | Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recently in my post I wrote that I am working in a digital photo printing business. Some of those express digital photo printing business doesn't have a digital camera. They only focus on their main service developing pictures. In our photo printing business me and my cousin bought a cheap second hand camera and we add that to our market in a very cheap price. At start we're just expanding our name capturing photos using digital camera in a very small amount that when you compute it to a normal photo printing business the price is twice or thrice lower than the normal value. We only gained few customers at first but one week after, we are surprised that our customers are doubled and it continue growing every day or week. We don't even use a room or a large space for a place to shoot. we only use white and red canvas hung on the shop when customers wanted the service. So for those who have a express digital photo printing business, why don't buy a cheap camera to use in the shop and start making lots of bucks.

Epson Stylus Photo R290 Series to be face-out!

| 0 comments | Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I heard rumors at our town and at the nearest city that the printer Epson R290 Series will be gone in the market soon. Yes Epson Manufacturers will never make R290 Printers more... But the good thing is their Epson R230 is still their and they will still continue their productivity. So for those who wants to buy Epson R290 now is the chance to buy these printer or you'll miss one. There are many advantages having this printer. The very interesting thing about this one is its printing speed on photo. Secondly it has its own reset chip when CISS is installed on it, having the reset chip and CISS installed on it makes it a thrifty printer. Another one is its print quality, I observe the printing quality of Epson R290 and compared it to Epson R230 and the difference in quality is huge most likely when it was set to best photo quality settings. When the time comes Epson Printers wastepad need to be reset. The best thing is that I have reset 4 or more times to the R230 Printer but when it comes to R290 Printer I had reset it only once. So before its gone to the market why don't buy an Epson R290 Printer and see the difference. This is just for my own opinion only. Any Corrections is very much appreciated.

Author: DCnuebe

Making Money With Your Digital Camera

| 0 comments | Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In this days digital camera is a must have personal item in every family. Having one gives us a lot of advantages, for example, occasions come and go once in a lifetime and we don't want to miss this precious moments in our lives. Having a digital camera makes you store all the pictures you want, save them to your computer or just stock them to your memory card for future references. For all those people who loves taking picture, Digital Camera is their life. But did you know that you can now earn money by taking lots of lots of photos you want to capture? Yes there's a way making money in taking those pictures and what you only need are few items.

Heres the items you need making money with Digital Photography:

Digital Camera
Internet Connection

It's easy just like counting one,two, three...

The Good thing is that you don't need expensive digital camera for making those money, you don't also need to be a professional photographer so you can start anytime and the best thing is that you don't need a website or technical skills.

So Download a free copy now and start making money with you Digital Camera and Pictures.

Interested and want more? Click Here

Automatic Driver Updater - Driver Robot

| 0 comments | Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Having a software that automatically updates driver is the best way to avoid computer malfunctions. Driver updating is one of the key to solved problems in our PC. Sometimes we encounter problems that looks like we've been hit by a new or critical virus but the truth is we aren't just updated our drivers. So to avoid hustle I recommend having Driver Robot. Driver Robot is a software that automatically updates all driver that is out of date. The software has a rating of 100% perfect hardware scan so that it will only install the correct and appropriate driver needed by the hardware so no worries on getting the wrong ones. With its huge database it is guaranteed that Driver Robot install the perfect drivers to the hardware. Having driver robot also saves time on searching the web for the latest drivers manually. What's good about Driver Robot is that it can update all drivers in your system in as fast as 2 minutes.

Driver Robot Updates the following:
Sound Card Drivers
Printer Drivers
Video Card Drivers
Motherboard Drivers
Webcam Drivers
Wireless Drivers
Bluetooth Drivers
FireWire Drivers
Windows XP and Windows Vista Drivers
USB Drivers
Chipset Drivers
AC97 Drivers
DVD Drivers
Router Drivers

Driver Robot Features:
Driver Scanner
Driver Database
Database Updates
Offline Driver Analysis
Full Driver Mirroring
Technical Support
System Compatability

Driver Robot is 100% Safe To Your Computer.

Download Driver Robot Click Here

Satellite TV for PC - Elite Edition 2009


Finally a nice and cool add-on to our computer comes out. The Satellite TV for PC - Elite Edition 2009 is not just an ordinary TV. We can now watch our favorite shows after seating a long time finishing those hard works in front of our computer. Satellite TV for PC - Elite Edition 2009 is not just your ordinary TV. This thing sure turns your PC to a Super TV. The good thing is it also works for laptops. It has 3000 stations for a small one time fee so get one and try it now to see the difference.

Aren't you convince yet? Here's the advantages having Satellite TV PC-Elite Edition 2009

Over 3000 Stations.

Why pay monthly for cable bills and Satellite Services? With Satellite TV PC - Elite Edition 2009 its just a one time fee ever!

Get channels from 78 countries and more with different languages too.

Once you bought the software there are no other fees to be payed ever!

Hundred of Live Channels: Sports, Movies, News, Weather, Kids Channels, Educational, Shopping, Radio Stations and much more.

If you feel you want Satellite TV for PC - Elite Edition on your computer just click the link below.

Satellite TV for PC - Elite Edition 2009 Click here for Subscription and more details.


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