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The New Nintendo DS LL

| 0 comments | Friday, October 30, 2009

Lately Nintendo announces the fourth addition to their hand-held console Nintendo DS. They will call it the Nintendo DS LL and said that it will cost 20,000 yen and also said to be released at November 21, 2009 at Japan. US and Europe will have this gaming console at the first quarter of the year 2010 and will be named Nintendo DS XL on this countries.

This new hand-held console just look likes the Nintendo DSi but it is much thicker, 100 grams heavier and a dual 4.2 inch screens that's just like the PSP3000 screen according to Nintendo. 3 hours battery lifespan for this new DS just like the DSi and all those other slots remove from the DSi is still removed on this new console.

The good news about this upcoming NDS LL is for those who doesn't own a NDS gaming console yet. This is the best chance having one console from Nintendo. For me I'm contented with my Nintendo DS Lite because I'm enjoying it every night most especially after work.

So let's just wait for the release date of this new gadget of Nintendo and hope that their economy will rise after the Wii drops it.

The Gamer

| 0 comments | Friday, October 23, 2009

Well it looks like I'm gonna write something about people called gamers because of that one man looked and laughed at me at my friends computer cafe yesterday while playing with my Nintendo DS. I was beside the cafe's counter playing an RPG game at my nintendo DS when someone noticed and criticized me having and playing with my Nintendo DS Lite. He asked me a simple insulting question: "What's that? Oh I see, you do really loved to play brick games do you?" and laughed hard in front of my face. But of course I just ignored this person because I don't want to start any fight or rudeness especially I'm holding my console and it might broke when I'd lose the temper of my head. This person is also a gamer, basically a personal computer gamer.

So lets get back to the topic. What's the qualities of a good gamer?
A real gamer is also known as a good gamer or maybe described as a hardcore gamer. He or she must complete the game what he or she started. Completing a game is a not as easy as for those of you who just laugh at us and just tried the game once or twice and beat it. The real gamer will finish the game COMPLETELY and PERFECTLY. This means every single detail of the game should be attained and gained, for example exploring the whole map and dungeon, finding secret areas, obtaining skills, making boss patterns and one of the most important thing for a real gamer is that he or she knows about cheats but doesn't use it on a game. A good gamer also uses FAQs and guides about the game he or she is playing, this is common especially when you want to beat the game perfectly. When you consider yourself  a real player then you should be always thinking of what's next, this means that you should predict about what's to happen into the game. Another next thing you should be thinking is the next game you should play. Choosing through different kind of games is one of the difficult thing but why don't give them all a shot? Is it possible? Obviously it is not possible to play all of those games you want at the same time. You can play them by finishing the game one after another.  Another one unique attitude of a real gamer is that he's not afraid on going or visiting cafe's and console gaming stations to meet and challenge new faces and friends with a respectful attitude.

Ops! I almost forgot something, A real good gamer loves the game, respects the game and the player he faces with, can adopt the place where he is playing even if it is that's the first time you been in that place and of course  the most important attitude of a player, he wants to own the game!

Me and My Nintendo DS Lite


Finally a simple and new gaming console to a poor boy like me... I bought my own Nintendo DS Lite last week with the money I gained through my efforts working in my cousin's photo printing business. Having and owning one gaming console like Nintendo DS lite is one of  my gadget dreams (It may not have been a dream for others but for me its a great achievement of my life.)

Before I bought this digital gadget, I've spent weeks or months with two choices, of course I've been choosing what will I really buy, Is it Nintendo DS Lite or is it the PSP3000 gaming console? After a busy week of researching, taking a serious look at thier reviews or even watching the videos of this two gaming console considering the games you can play with and the advantages having one is a difficult choice, It's very very difficult but I need to choose between these two or else neither of them will be mine. The final result of those difficult searching days and the one I choose is the Nintendo DS Lite gaming console.

Why did I choose it? yeah that's a good question. Based on my research when it comes to gaming, PSP wins over DS when I will based it to the stunning graphics. Nintendo DS strength can be seen on the type of games you can play with, for example those bleeding brainy games and the one I love the most about games: The Role Playing Games also known as RPG. Yes I'm really an RPG gamer and the games I play on my DS are 95% RPG games 5% of this are those other category games like racing, adventure and those brainy puzzle games.    Right from the start after obtaining my DS the first game that catches my eye is the Final Fantasy III remake. I'm an avid lover of the final fantasy games ever since my high school days, I can still recall those days renting on a console gaming station for an hour or two just to play. I choose the game Final Fantasy III because I played Final Fantasy VIII on the playstation and repeated it playing up to over five times. I also played FFIX FFX, FFX2 and FFXII. Final Fantasy III has it's own story with Lunet as the main character and the story plays about the four elemental crystals and how Lunet can save the world that is covered by darkness. Playing this one hurts without using a FAQ or guide.

After finishing the game FFIII, my bestfriend told me to play Super Robot Taisen. This game is also an RPG type of game playable in DS with a unique storyline and most of all the best turnbase fighting style that I've ever played including other consoles. It's graphics is not as good when walking around the world map, castles and dungeons, but when it comes to the fight scene, the maker of this game fucos on this one. I'm still currently palying this game right now and I'll update and rate this game as soon as possible.


Sony VAIO X Series WOW!

| 0 comments | Tuesday, October 20, 2009

By surfing and browsing I've been into a website that catched my eye and makes it drop to the computer table. This happened when I saw the new Sony VIAO X Series. According to the site, this notebook or should I say netbook is super thin because it's only a half-inch carbon fiber with a 11.2 inch monitor and only weighs 1.5 pounds. I don't know yet what's inside the system but rumors said that it will be Intel Atom so as soon as I searched that thing out it will be posted here nicely.

Below are the Images and Videos of the new Sony VIAO X Series


With this super slim carbon fiber notebook who doesn't want one now? 

Oh wait! Yesterday when I was at home playing with my NDS. I thought I heard from the local news that Sony VAIO X Series was released at the Philippines. WOW! So for all the people that want's to buy and buy gadgets here's another one for your Gadget list.

Pros: Very Light, Thin ,Durable and Its Super Cool
Cons: Price

Update Coming Very Soon!


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