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What A Busy Monday!

| 1 comments | Monday, November 30, 2009

It is now 11:00 in the evening and this is the only time I got right now to write what happened this day. It was holiday here in the Philippines as we celebrate Bonifacio Day. Big smiles are noticeable at students faces because they are enjoying this event spending time with their friends and schoolmates.  How about me? did I enjoyed this holiday? The answer is no, I didn't enjoy every single second of this day because their are too many work that are need to be done at the shop. As I think of entering the shop while I'm still at bed makes me sick and got even worst when I arrived at the shop finding out that my co-worker is not going to attend because of important matters. This means that I'll be dealing with customers alone and at the same time making another wedding invitation. I just hoped and prayed that I can deal and entertain well those two or more customers at the same time.

I've been really busy this morning until afternoon. Looking at my computers clock, I was shocked becuase it was already 3:00 P.M. in the afternoon and I've just noticed that I haven't eated my lunch yet. I begun worrying about myself becuase when my girl knows about this, I'm dead.

As evening comes, my friend visited at the shop and asked me to print 40 pieces of invitations he made. While the printer is busy working, we grab the oppurtunity to share thoughts about each other. He told me informations like where do he lives right now and the location of his workplace. Then when the prints are all good to go, it was another sad goodbye to a long time friend of mine.

Closing time came and it was so sweet! Gone home at around 7:00 P.M. ate and finished my dinner. After finishing my dinner, now I'm here at my friends cafe droppping cards at my entrecard inbox and optimizing my blog. I just had finished my 300 daily drops when my phone rang and started chatting with my girl but this time it was just minutes because she will be heading to the city where she is studying and she wants a nice sleep.

It's about twelve and I think that I have to stop writing because I need to save some energy for another busy day tomorrow.

Work,Blog and Life Stories

| 0 comments | Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's been already three or four days that I have been busy working at my cousin's digital photo printing business. Lot's of projects like invitations and personalized souvenirs lately that eats my schedule blogging. Working and at the same time blogging is what I do. I mean, while I'm working here on my cousin's business, I'm taking advantage of the short free time I may have to blog. It's hard, but this is what I liked and loved to do. Even though I'm just a newbie blogger and there's still so much to learn in this industry, I will not give up this blog and will still write what I need to post.

Things are previously playing on my mind this past few days, I'm questioning myself if I could succeed in the market especially in my ways of blogging. Can I really do it without even having my own computer and just renting at internet cafe's? This words made me down and even twisted my mind to stop blogging telling myself that I don't have a future doing this stuff. But I wont give up now, I started already and the feeling is so great especially when there is someone reading your random thoughts and simple tutorials that may help them in their daily lives. I will continue writing stuffs and will only stop when my readers want me stop posting random topics here on my blog.

Being a blogger is a big challenged on myself. First of all, I don't have enough money to buy my own desktop or laptop right now, I'm just renting and blogging on internet shops and cafes. Me and my family are poor, the money we gained from our daily work is just enough to fulfill our daily needs.  When I started working in my cousin's business, I could tell that from my little salary, I started to save some money, opened a bank account hoping to see a brighter future. I'm also helping my brother by sparing a little amount from my salary used to buy a living with his family. This is how my life goes on everyday and I'm always hoping that someday soon, I could fulfill my simple dreams by working hard on things that I want.

Let's go to another topic, about what really happened and keeps me busy this past days. Making wedding and christening invitations for a whole day is tiring but it was also inspiring. Tiring because you need to make a beautiful and attractive design that makes your brain not stop working. My reason about how I'm inspired is that I'm play an important role on that wedding by simply working hard for the perfection of that invitation. The result was nice because I've been praised and my hard work was paid by great smiles. And then another project came, it was the souvenir project I told before. It was a simple souvenir, a personalized key-chain  and it's so easy making one.

This time it's another great Sunday morning, being waked up by my girl made it even better. How lucky am I having her because even though I don't have enough time for her, she's still always there for me. Everyday my girl's waking me up via phone call and that's sweet, really sweet.

I was planning on going to church so many times but my busy schedule is preventing me. I haven't been to church for weeks now, It was because of this tiring work. I love going to our church because of the new things I can learn, another one is that the place is blessed by God and that's the only place where I can have a peaceful mind. Going to church is my only chance talking to God one on one, asking for His forgiveness, blessings and to give me the strength to solve all the trials I am facing today.

Cellphone Camera Optimization Tips for Newbies

| 0 comments | Friday, November 27, 2009

How to Set-Up Your Cellphones Camera

Working in a digital photo printing business is kinda awesome thing because their are lots of stuff to learn from everyday encounter and I'll post one of the very common problem of customers who want to have a clear image when taking a photo using their cellular phones camera. Without a proper knowledge on a simple thing, many nice moments captured by your phones camera are wasted and cannot be developed on a size that you wished to.

The problem is in the user, not on the phone camera.  Here in the Philippines, you can encounter many cellular phone users that didn't know how to properly set up their camera. They are just capturing without even noticing that their gadget is at its lowest setting that gives a bad image result. Users that doesn't explore and uses their phones by default are the most victims of this simple and easy to solve problem.

Fixing this annoying image problem just takes minutes or even seconds away. Here's how, After turning on your phone, you should go and open up your camera. Then go and select the camera options, it is located at the lower left part of the phone. When you have done this correctly a window like control panel will pop-up and you can noticed that there are options to choose from. This is the settings of your phone camera. Now go to image settings, choose the highest resolution possible for you phone (example is 640x480). Set it up and press the "ok" button. Good work, but your not done yet! After setting up your phones image resolution you still need to setup the quality and effectiveness of the image by also going to the camera options then going through the image quality setting. You can find this when you opened up a setting and the options you can select are Low,medium,high and sometimes it is written like fine, and superfine.

You should save the settings to take effect and your now good to go capturing those important moments of your life!

Tip: Every time you want to capture a picture on your cellphone, just give a few seconds checking up your settings if it was right. Sometimes it goes by default itself. Good luck! and happy capturing!

How Music Rock My World

| 0 comments | Thursday, November 26, 2009

Music and human are destined to love each other without a doubt. Imagine how this world is so boring without hearing nice composed sounds that were made by a mere human? We hear music everywhere we go and at special occasions in our lives we do sing music that makes us express our true feelings.

I loved music so much! It relieves stress, makes me happy, it stays with me when I'm lonely, and I express those meaningful lyrics of the song to those that are most precious in my life. Every time I listen to my play-list it feels so good that my hearts begin to beat faster and makes me wanna sing the song playing. When I'm lonely and misses my baby I'm listening to the song's that can lift my heart out and give me strength to overcome and stop the teardrops on my heart.

Every song has an excellent reason why they are composed and created and I'm the type of a listener who reads the lyrics and seek the very deep meaning of the song. I judged songs by their wonderful meanings. I also listen to all kinds of song genres and chooses them wisely if they are good enough to be listed on my play-list.

There are many kind of songs and they are categorized by their genres. Love songs, Rock, RnB, Alternative, Rap are just examples of song genres. People chooses the song that fits their soul and the ones that can serenade them. There are also people that chooses their song by it's genre even though they are not understanding the real meaning of the song. Their reason for loving songs without even knowing is the beat of the drums and the string of the guitars. Other people compete to each other murmuring what's the better genre, a rock song or an RnB?

My kind of music falls to the rock and alternative category but as I say I also listen and includes few RnB. I can relate best to rock songs. They rock my heart out and feels really really good listening to them. Music that are screams everywhere are not my type. They are just noisy enough and disturbing that I can't even understand what they are trying to express.

By the way here are my favorite Alternative Rock Band that is Really Rocking My World.

Nickelback, Lifehouse, All Time Low, Hawk Nelson, Amber Pacific, Hoobastank, Simple Plan, Green Day, Mayday Parade, Seether, Evanessence, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Callalily Band, Spongecola, Kamikaze, Silent Sanctuary, The Speaks, Stephen Speaks, Plain White T's, FM Static, Stellar Kart, Five For Fighting, Yellow Card, Fall Out Boy, Firelane Band, Firehouse,Faber Drive, Taking Back Sunday, Breaking Benjamin, Edwin McCain, Paramore, Dishwalla, Paparaoch, Def Leppard, The Verve Pipe, Harem Scarem, Immaculate, Maroon 5, Chris Daughtry, Dashboard Confessions, Creed, Chicosci, Ereserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, Soapdish, Kwjan, Mayonnaise, Rocksteddy, Letter Day Story, Typecast, Binocular, Boys Like Girls, Boyce Avenue, Bowling for Soup, Bon Jovi, Blink 182, Blessed Union of Souls, Avril Lavigne, Atlantic Star and few other more...

In these days, you can listen to your play-list anytime and anywhere by having an Ipod and other gadgets used in playing music. Thanks to these gadgets because I can now listen to the songs that are with my every breath.

You can listen and explore the band I listed earlier and decide whether they worth it or not. Hope you enjoyed reading this simple thought of mine and leaving you this question: "How about you? What Kind of Music Rocks Your World".

Clogged Printer Head Tips

| 3 comments | Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clogged printer head is a common sickness of your printer. When the head is clogged the printout is so bad and you'll be needing a head cleaning and you'll hope that it will work. If you are in a digital photo printing business where you are using your printer regularly, there will come a time that your printers head will be clogged and need some maintenance.

The very common maintenance you can do is by opening up your printers printing preferences and choose the option check nozzle head and print the results. There are two guidelines that you can look, the firstone with complete lines of how many colors you have and the second one are composed of broken lines and this also indicates or require you to do some cleaning.

Head cleaning is your very first option. Doing this kind of maintenance will waste a lot of ink so I am recommending that don't do this frequently or else you are just throwing away the money you used buying some inks.

Here is my Pattern Cleaning a Clogged Printer Head

When you are printing and noticed that there are other colors or lack of colors on your printout. stop using it immediately by canceling your pending number of prints. After doing this so, you will be needing to check your nozzles by going to printers printing preferences and commanding the printer to do print nozzle check pattern(NOTICE: if you have other printer on your computer, choose the right name before printing).  You will now notice that there are lines of colors misaligned. This time you'll have to do the basics which is the head cleaning command that can be found on printing preferences, just below the nozzle check command.

After wasting inks, the next thing you will do is to check your nozzles again. Sometimes it just takes one head cleaning for the clog printer head. There are times that one is not enough and you will need to do it several times which is unwise decision. When cleaning is done you should do another checking on the lines. If the same images still occurs, it is indicating that head cleaning cannot solve the problem. But never worry because that's normal especially when the printer have done so many task.

Let's do the next step, first things first, check your ink levels, are you short of ink? you can check your ink levels at the printers printing preferences window. For those of you using a CIS (continuous ink system) you should check your CIS ink container. Low ink on cartridge can cause nozzle clog too so better check it out and refill as soon as possible. The next thing you should do when the printers nozzle is still bad is to unplug the printers cartridges. You can do this by pushing the ink button in your printer. Just try to unplug it for about 30 seconds and put it back to its original position. Doing this will make the printer recognize the cartridges and will automatically clean the head the for the last time print another nozzle check and that would be fine. What if the problem's still not solve?

This is will be the last option and the very last thing I am doing when I have tried those easy steps I wrote above. When head cleaning and unplugging the cartridges did not work to your printer. The very least you can do is to head clean for the very last time (imagined how ink was wasted doing this for the fourth time? Ouch!). Instead of fixing the printer and trying to clean the head several times that your throwing tomorrows useful inks, the final step would be the fourth head cleaning, then do not bother checking and printing nozzle patterns because it is with the same result earlier. Turn off the printer! Just leave it off today. Check the nozzle pattern tomorrow morning. This is based from my own experience, the clog will be gone after 24 hours or maybe two to three days. This indicates and let me understand the printers feeling that he just need a rest due to the heavy work and great numbers of printing he did.

Just follow this simple 123 steps and your printer will be alright, approximately the longest time I encountered resting my printer spend a whole week. That's because it printed out 500 pcs. of wallet size pictures on our digital photo printing business. Those printer were Epson R230 and R290 Series.

OoooOOooPppppssss!!!!! I almost forgot, when your printing the nozzle check pattern. Compare it to your last printed nozzle check.

Have a nice day! and hope Kapunapuna Blog helped you out sharing his shuffled thoughts and experience.

Curzed Diaries: Work and Life - 1st Issue

| 1 comments | Monday, November 23, 2009

This will be the very first post and story about me in this blog. I've decided to write what is happening on my daily work and blogging experience, let us just call it Curzed Diaries: Work and Life... Let's get started then.

I will first write what happened yesterday, It was a fine and beautiful morning at around 6:30 A.M. when my phone rang!(it was not really my phone it was my older brothers phone because my phone was stolen with my Nintendo DS Lite a few weeks ago.) Morning says a beautiful voice of a lady that woke me up and yes you figured it right that's my one and only girl that studies from a far away city. She is younger than me but we know that we love each other purely. After a nice wake-up call from her. I took my breakfast. it's not really a breakfast because my habit in morning time is just to sip a cup of coffee and sometimes milk then go to the bathroom and will start cleaning myself.

Work time! As I said before on my earlier post that I am working at my cousin's Digital Photo Printing Business. While writing this article their are customers here at the shop that makes me even difficult to encode and post articles but as I always what I like about the world, I love challenges and this gives me a real challenge dividing my time working and at the same time working.

Yesterdays work was full of surprises. Just about the time I enter the shop and checked the status of my printers, I noticed that the two of our main printers doesn't work well and their printouts are ugly. Gives me a headache, my favorite printer R290 at the shop won't work and the worst thing is that customers are coming and coming. The result? Delayed printing that gives a  big factor for those people hurrying and the one being affected the most is our business. Luckily our two back up printers made it and last until evening. One of my customers came afterward and want me to layout and print his pre-made pigeon ringtags but my R290 printer won't work so he has to wait for hours or even a day in case that the printer might work properly. I'm worried because it's starting to have pending jobs and that's the one I hated the most.

At noon time I started blogging but it was always interfered when customers come, so this gives me the real challenge doing work and blogging. Sometimes this pisses me off and made it worst when I remembered that I haven't even drop a single card at my entrecard account. So to solve this problem I managed to work just like how my computer is multi-tasking programs. Print and develop pictures, download MP3 music to the storage devices, lay-out and make templates for the upcoming invitation of my friend and especially give a time to my blog, dropping cards at my entrecard account, looking if there might be someone who got interested in my site and wants their Ads to be published. It's so imba (a expression of my friends playing DOTA meaning imbalance.) So tiring morning and afternoon and I even had to close at 7 in the evening because of the pending pictures to be develop.

Going home every night after work is natural to me. But this is the time I loved the most because it's the time on waiting my dearest ones call. Yay! feels so relaxing and comforting just imagining things that we can talk about and  discuss to each other but it did not happen as what i imagined. It's so sad because when I arrived at home there's a message on my brothers phone saying that she will call later being busy on doing something. My tiredness felt doubled and after eating my dinner and still waiting for the call I decided to go to my friends work at a computer cafe to surf, blog, drop cards and most of all, to entertain myself.

Arrived at the cafe after opening the door, I noticed that there are still customers even if its 9:00 in the evening. Asking my friend that I want to rent and log on the computer. Most of the customers are my friends because this is where my hangouts and make writing on my Blog. They invited me to play a 5 vs. 5 DOTA game and answered yes because it's been weeks or maybe a month from the last time I played that game.
Game starts within a few minutes and when we are at the middle of the game, my phone rang at it was my girl telling me that she is finished on the choir she told me earlier. I was playing the game and can't concentrate so I told her to wait for a moment and just want to finish the game. Back at the game playing normally and again after 20 minutes my phone rang and it was her and asked me it I was done playing and told her the truth that we are not done yet. She felt jealous at the game began quarreling me then left me on the line. That was sad, she let me to finish the game but I still took and participate at the second game and that what makes my girl so sad. Choosing the wrong option joined the second game and finished it then gone home. At home I was waiting and wondering and find out that what I did was wrong because there are no more calls until morning.

Morning time came and at the same blow of the wind, luckily she calls and told me that she was sorry last night because she fall asleep waiting for me. What a girl I have and what love I felt to her when she told me that thing even if it's my fault last night she is the one apologizing. I spoke and told her that what happened last night will never ever happen again choosing game over her, and I apologized from the bottom of my heart by doing wrong things affecting our relationship. She kissed and accepted my apology through the phone at the started my great morning this day.

Till next time then or maybe tomorrow again because I felt like I'm writing too long about this first issue of Curzed Diaries.

Children Protection Law - Abused!


 The Disadvantage of Children Protection Law in the Philippines

Kapunapuna blog noticed something about the law protecting minors here on the Philippines that got my attention and makes my heart feels so sad, this law is about when minors have done something wrong or let me just simplify it by saying accidentally done a crime, they will not be imprisoned unless they are at the right age and that number is eighteen. This is kind of protection to a minor is great because normally and basically the first thing that comes up in our mind is that they still don't know what they're doing. Because of their curiosity they want to learn and explore the world without even really thinking if what they are doing is right or wrong.

Maybe in the past years where the law is still new, this is so much effective especially on those parents trying everything hard just to lead their child in the right way and to obtain their beautiful future, This law is really useful because their are parents or adults that are abusing children and minors is many different ways, thanks to this protection law for them and the numbers of abusers cut-off.

Now let's get to the bottom line. Had you ever figured out that this kind of protection law to minors can give harm and make them feel like their living in hell? Why did I wrote and told that? Your having a good question then and let me explain it to you plainly and nicely.

Poor minors today are abused by their parents and society without even noticed by the environment, not only few but many of them suffers. Here in the Philippines and based on observation, many parents are taking a good opportunity and making advantage in the bad side of this law. They are making too many tricks on people using and abusing this minors just like how a parent sends their children to the marketplace or at the crowded areas begging money while their wicked parents are not working but are happily spending their time and those money begged by their parents at gambling places playing card games and etc. While they were enjoying their poor children is making all what he can do to obtain a little amount of money to submit to their lazy parents without even thinking the harm and danger at the streets and at the entire community. This parents are using their child because they are taking advantage of the law and they are at ease just by thinking that their child will not be imprisoned even they cheat, steal, or whatever bad things they do.

Here's my explanation and experience why my heart feels so sad. While watching news on television nowadays, you can noticed that most minors are abused and the worst thing is that they are not only been abused by their parents. They are are being abused by big syndicates, used to sell drugs and related items and by also teaching them how to snatch and steal someones property. I feel so sorry for them because they will grow in the wrong path and what they are doing now will be the only way they can lean on to earn and strive for a living. Poor minors are the bad guys target most especially minors that have grown in a squatter areas where living and money is so difficult. They are the sweetest thing in the eyes of the syndicate right now because of the truth that they can't be imprisoned when they got caught on what they are doing wrong. Let's say it's their ace doing and continuing bad businesses in the society. 

My friends experience is so unique. One time the apartment where he is living is invaded by a robber and stole all his money, on the other day he goes home early from work and he is surprised because someone is inside his apartment stealing his belongings for the second time. He caught and scolded the robber but the surprising this is what the robber answered to my friend. The robber is a young girl and she's still minor, this young girl answered to my friend when he told that he was going to call a police and this was the girls answer: "Go on, call a policeman, I'm not afraid because I will not be imprisoned and have done this so many times before." What a stunning answer but my friend realized that what the girls answer was true.

The above experience is a good example in how the protection for minors law was abused and that also dictates its disadvantages. The government should look at this matter or else someday we will gonna live in a place where there are too many minors abused and doing bad stuffs. Hoping that they can improved and enhanced the law for the benefit of every single individual who wants to live a peaceful and happy life. No offend to the government.

Kapunapuna Blog just writes what he noticed on his blog. If any correction and suggestions to this blog please feel free to contact me anytime or just leave a short comment. 

A hairy communist bolts.
Have a nice day!

Experience on Anti Virus Software

| 0 comments | Saturday, November 21, 2009

Since my childhood I've been into computer shops and cafes for almost everyday and I could say that it's not natural to me if I missed one day going. The first time I heard about computer viruses feels something like it's the worlds end but have figured it out sooner that it was just like a human virus causing coughs and other unwanted sickness that is curable.

There are many kinds of Anti Virus software that you can install in your computer. They have their own strength and weaknesses as well. There are down-loadable free anti virus software that can protect your computer and lets make Avira Anti-Virus an example. Through searching at the internet everyday I also found out that there are licensed anti virus software that through those crackers out there can be downloaded and used as if it was a real licensed anti virus just like the one bought and paid.

I have used too many kinds of free and crack downloaded anti virus software but the problem is they can't protect you against bigger, larger and more dangerous threats on the web like spywares and malwares. I will not recommend those free anti virus and cracks when you want to use them on business like Computer shops and cafe and other business related in using anti virus.

This is my experience in my work (Digital Photo Printing Business). First of all virus sucks! they will make your computer really really slow and sometimes make's your program and application won't work, they also change your default registry, disables the task manager and the registry editor and denies the access of the task manager.

When you've been hit by a bad virus and their are no other options to disinfect or delete it, that's the time you need to format your computer. But formatting a computer gives you a headache and it's really painful and stressful, you'll need to backup everything especially your most important files.

So as I battle viruses to my computer, I discovered one anti virus that makes me feel comfortable and manages the problem I have. It's the Kaspersky Anti-Virus. This is not a free anti virus but i love this one because it can really disinfect and threat the infected items without deleting it and by making a back-up copy of it. This anti-virus is also computer friendly because it will not eat all the memory of your computer, that means lesser lags and you can do whatever application even when your running the virus scan. For all those who of you who still can't rid of the ugly virus on your computer I recommend this Kaspersky anti-virus software and let you experience the difference that makes your money worth it.

Kapupuna Blog wants to remind you that before installing the software you should format first your personal computer so that it will be totally virus free.

You can install Kaspersky Anti-Virus even without formatting but, I'm still suggesting that you do the recommendation I wrote above.

Have a virus free computer and happy surfing!

Kapunapuna: Cellphone Business

| 0 comments | Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cellular phones today are no longer considered a luxury, they say it's a need of every individual and I agree to that saying. Having one gives us many advantages in our lives through it's basic use; texting and calling. Kapunapuna noticed that cellphone greatly affects people and let me use those teenagers who are dreaming to have one used to find friends, to court whoever their crushes may be and communicating in their families especially in their time of need. And let me say that cellphones matters most on the girls.

Nowadays you can buy cellphones in a cheap price and it all started when those clones came out in the market and this is the main reason why I'm suggesting this Cellphone Business. Clones are those phones that is so much like the original phone. These phones have almost the same features you can find just like the original but it is more lighter and easy to break. These clone phones are made in China and that's why in our country it is also called China Phones. Clones have features like low pixel camera, bluetooth connectivity, Mp3 & Audio Player, Video Player, has a louder speaker and the good thing about the clone is their price because it is 50% much lower than those branded cellphones.

Getting back to the main topic. Cellphone Business are of many kind but what I will be writing here is about establishing and selling Clone phones. Here's what Kapunapuna noticed about this business. I've been goint to market everyday and every time I pass by those Cellphone Business selling clone phones, I noticed that there are many people who are interested in buying Clone phones. I can figure out that people that are interested in this gadgets are practical and they don't want to spend dollars because these clones can also offer those important features that they want.

Setting up the business is not that hard to start as long as you have enough capital or budget. Yes, you need a larger or bigger budget because you will be selling cellphone and their accessories are your secondary target.
When setting up a Cellphone Business like this, I recommend targeting the marketplace. It's the best place for a business like these because the rental fee in your space is cheap. Secondly, you are selling cheap phones so you are targeting practical people and you can find them at the market. These is the best place I will recommend because people come and go here to buy all the stuffs they need.

Once done choosing the location we will now set-up your business shop and this is what I noticed in those Cellular Business selling clones. They are displaying their products in a three layer that looks like a cabinet but it is covered with glass. They are placing this at the very front of the shop so that customers can easily see through those gadgets that they are selling. On the other hand they are also selling MP3, Mp4 and Mp5's addition to their main business. A good businessman must have a complete item on his store, he should have many kinds of cellphones to choose from because that is the first thing that your clients will look up unto, another important thing is that you should have a wide knowledge on your business, not just you, including your employees. You should also be good at sales-talking because this business is about selling items.

This are the accessories that you could add or should I say add to your business:

Memory Card
Cellphone Laces and Gliterry Accessories
Cellphone housing and skin
Different Kind of Headset
Different Kind of Plastic Protector & Silicon Rubber
Mini Bag or pouch
Card Readers
USB Connector Cables
Batteries and Chargers

Note: Buy all those accessories that is all about your business and products!

Following these simple steps will make your business grow and someday, not that soon, you'll be having expansions on your business.

Kapunapuna is hoping that these Cellular Business Guide help you out and leaves you with the ideas having a business like this or similar to this one.

Gabay - Callalily Lyrics

| 0 comments | Monday, November 16, 2009

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay Sayo
Laging nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip

Lumipas ang taon
Ako'y nawalay saiyo
Nilamon na ng oras
Ang ating samahan

Ngayon wala ka na
Saan pa pupunta
Doon ba o dito?
Gusto ko nang sumuko
Ngunit sinabi mo

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay sa'yo
Laging Nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip
Hindi Pababayaan
Ikaw ay Iingatan
Asahan mong nandito lang ako

Ginawa na ang lahat
Upang ika'y mahanap
Suntok sa buwan ako

Ngayon wala ka na
Saan pa pupunta
Doon ba o dito?
Gusto ko nang sumuko
Ngunit sinabi mo

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay sa'yo
Laging Nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip
Hindi Pababayaan
Ikaw ay Iingatan
Asahan mong nandito lang ako
Asahan mong Nandito lang ako~~~

Ngunit Sinabi mo....
Ngunit Sinabi mo........

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay sa'yo
Laging Nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip
Hindi Pababayaan
Ikaw ay Iingatan
Asahan mong nandito lang ako
Asahan mong nandito lang ako

Asahan mong andito lang ako...

This Lyrics was written by Kapunapuna. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Manny Pacquiao Grabs the 7th Title


Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao catches the eye of Kapunapuna yesterday as he reigns and took over the belt of the Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto yesterday by beating him in the 12th round by a technical knockout done by referee's stoppage of the fight because of the bad cuts on the face of Miguel Cotto.

At start Kapunapuna noticed the quickness of Pacman over Cotto as his punch breaks through Cotto's defense sometimes, but I won't ignore Cotto's defense either. Cotto has a tight defense that Pacquiao can't hit clearly with his devastating powerful left punch. When it comes to close fighting where we predicted that Pacquiao got the upper hand, Cotto can fight and can withstand close fighting too. If you noticed that exchanging punches  between the two respected fighters are fair within the early rounds.

The power of Cotto and his timing in punching is the one I admired the most. First of all, Cotto's timing is great, jabs and straights connects even though he is slow he can push his punches and timed it to released correctly. The second thing is the respected power of Miguel Cotto, I said respected because that's the only first opponent I saw from all of Pacman's fight where the head of Manny bang's to the hair as he gets hit by a straight and when you watched the fight you can notice how the head of Manny Pacquiao lifts to the air as he got hit, the good thing is that Cotto hit's his oppenent not that much so even though he got the firepower he can't win without hitting his opponent often.

Now what can you say about Manny Pacquiao? The one and only Filipino Boxer who got the title pound for pound king and by defeating Miguel Cotto and taking that belt of of him, Manny is the only boxer who have a 7 Championship belt in different kind of weights. As we can still remember Oscar "The Golden Boy" Dela Hoya who is the first boxer ever grabbed 6 titles and wrote his name on the history of boxers. But when Manny beat up Oscar Dela Hoya they become even. Now Everything's different from them, Manny is now the one and only person who have 7 Championship Belts and he is the one and only boxer who made it out. Entering from lower weight-class climbing up into a much heavier weight is difficult but Manny Pacquiao managed to overcome the challenge and difficulties. Now let's just see what will happen next inside the ring and who will it be with Manny Pacquiao. Will it be the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.? All og\f us is hoping for a great and big great fight soon.

Congratulations to Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao for winning and writing it's name to the boxer's Hall of Fame by having 7 Championship belts in different weight-classes.

Bon Jovi The Cirlce Album

| 0 comments | Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who doesn't know Bon Jovi? I'm sure everyone have heard of it. After years of waiting Bon Jovi the known worldwide rock band returns to the music industry with their newest and latest album titled The Circle album. Bon Jovi's music are legend created with a nice lyrics, sounds that when heard to your radio playing makes you sing.

I have a great respect to this band. Until now many music lovers are still looking for Bon Jovi songs to be on their i-pod, cellphones and other gadgets that can play music. Hearing the new Bon Jovi song feel's good but not that great, correct me if I'm wrong but his voice got worse and I feel looking back to the old days listening to always and their other better songs.

On my own thought, if I rate this album, I'll just give this a good one. Nice songs, the genre's still rock, Bon Jovi can still serenade you with their other new song's namely Superman Tonight and Learn to love. So the question is, will the legend Bon Jovi band can still rock our hearts? Will their listeners and die hard fans can still accept their new album? Will the song's from The Circle Album will hit the chart for weeks or months?

If this were to be questioned to me, I'll answer some few questions because I can appreciate and want to listen to this new album, feel like rocking my head again with the Bon Jovi band, I want to be serenaded again by the nice lyrics of their songs. As for the hit charts? I guess some of their songs will be posted and be readed on the charts soon.

Bon Jovi The Circle Album

01 We Weren't Born To Follow
02 When We Were Beautiful
03 Work For The Working Man
04 Superman Tonight
05 Bullet
06 Thorn In My Side
07 Live Before You Die
08 Brokenpromiseland
09 Love's The Only Rule
10 Fast Cars
11 Happy Now
12 Learn To Love

Download The Circle Album

Callalily Band : Callalily Self Titled Album 2009


Callalily Band released it's newest self titled album Callalily. Callalily Band is a Filipino Alternative Rock Band with a successful previous album and I'm also one of their fans. I can't let the day pass-by without hearing one of their songs. Callalily Band's Trademark is in their nice or should I say marvelous composed lyrics and the other thing is the voice of their vocalist named Kean Cipriano. The self titled album is their third released album naming Destination XYZ, Fisheye and Callalily. Their newest album is composed of 12 songs and I'll list it below:

01 Langit
02 Liwanag
03 Nananaginip
04 Gabay
05 Dance All Night
06 Dahilan
07 Someday... One Day
08 Right
09 Nagagalit
10 Ooh Lala
11 L-O-V-E
12 Good Night

 Dowload Below:
Callalily Self-titled Album

Want More? Sure you can have it because I'll also include the links where you can download their first two albums below.

Download Below:
Destination XYZ Album - Callalily
Fisheye Album - Callalily

Thanks to sir monskie of BasixCity for the Album.


| 0 comments | Friday, November 13, 2009

Ilang araw at linggo na din ang dumaan simula ng tumama ang matinding pasgsubok dito sa bandang Luzon... Mga hagupit ng panahon na talagang wala tayong magagawa at ito'y hindi maiwasan... Marami ang nasayang, nawala, at ang pinakamasuklap sa lahat ay marami din tayong mga kababayan na namatay dahil sa mga bagyong nagdaan. Malalaking problema at pasakit ang tanging iniwan ng trahedyang ito na biglaang nangyari at hindi natin napaghandaan. Pero tayo'y nga Pilipino, kilala sa tibay ng puso at lakas ng loob, hindi pwedeng tayo'y hanggang doon na lamang at hindi babangon sa ating hindi sadya at maiwasang pagkakadapa. Sa mga oras na ito alam ko at kapunapuna na marami na din ang mga nakabangon ngunit napakasakit na isipin na may mga naiwan pa ring mga kababayan na hindi pa nakakaahon lalo na doon sa mga bayang hanggang ngayon ay talagang lubog pa sa tubig baha. Salamat at meron pa din tayong mga kababayan na handang magbigay ng kalinga at tulong para sa mga taong talagang nangangailangan nito.

Nakita ko ang kantang ito ni Rico Blanco na magandang kanta para sa taong nasalanta ng bagyo, sa mga taong nawalan ng mga bahay at mga bagay bagay, mga taong nawalan ng mga mahal sa buhay. Bangon yan ang kanta ni Rico Blanco na nagbibigay inspirasyon para sa mga taong patuloy na lumalaban sa matinding pagsubok at hamon ng buhay.


| 0 comments | Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kapunana is a blog writed by Rowell Viado itself, a blog about everything we see, we do, we feel, we want and we notice. Kapunapuna is a Filipino word that means noticeable. I will try me best to put up effort on this blog and also I'm hoping that what i write on this blog will be a great help to my readers because that would make me happy. Information's, Tips, Guide, News on stuff's and everything I will notice will be posted on this blog, your own suggestion is also very much accepted and your comments too.


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