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Cellphone Clones Getting Hotter and Hotter!

| | Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let me write something noticeable this days about what I observe on peoples choices on buying cellphones. I just want to inform you that I'm not working in a business who sells many kinds of cellphones. I just noticed this a few months ago and until now it still a hot topic.

Cellphone is really one of the greatest gadget invented by people in this era. The benefits of having one is great and is more even greater because of it's cool features like MP3 player and Video Player. Connectivity is also a must built-in feature of a cellphone because it has many uses.

While working in a digital photo printing business, I am encountering many kinds of gadgets but the most common one a cellphone. Dealing with them everyday is what I always do and that's why It came up to my mind writing this topic.

Naturally every people wanted is a phone, as the technology improves everyday, people also want to use this new technologies. Because of this new technologies, human are now choosing wisely what cellphone will they buy. Remembering the old days that they are contented in a black and white without any other feature but it's basic use like call and text. Does anybody want the old fashioned gadget to buy right now? Probably the answer is no. You want some cool and nice looking phone that suits your style. Another thing you will look unto the unit is it's new features.

We cannot deny the truth that almost all of the people are craving to have a good a nice phone. The only one stopping many people on their dream having one is its expensiveness. How would you obtain a dream phone when your daily income is low and you are at a real tight budget. This is the main problem here in the Philippines that's way they are choosing the alternative way of having a nice phone without spending too much peso on it.

Cellphone Clones that were made in China is hot and even getting hotter to the eyes of those who wanted new gadget with suck a very low price. Between a genuine and a clone, people here are now choosing the clone ones because it is more thrifty and the features are just like the original one. This gives hope to a tricycle driver dreaming of a N97 phone. Instead of buying the original one, he will buy the clone that look likes the original phone and makes him save 70% of the price and that's the sweetest reason.

In my daily work, I could tell that 75% of my customers phones are clones, the rest are genuine. This tells me that Clone is now one of the largest selling gadget here in the Philippines without even making a real survey. 

The Real Nokia N-97 Phone

The Clone N97


Phoenix Capital Software said...

this is a good blog

Phoenix Capital Software said...

It is the trend noticable in all the electronic consumer devices these days that looks have gained lot more importance than just functionality. It is proablaly due to the fact devcies have vecome a very integral part of one's attire. You really dont want to be caught holding an ugly phone! As the devices shrik further, we will see more 'designed' models in future.

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