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Damn If I Do You, Damned If I don't

| | Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is one of all the new alternative music that got my attention. It's from the artist All Time Low. The first music of the band that catches my attention was their song Dear Maria and have also watched it at youtube and it was a live performance.

I'm loving this band because of a single important reason. It was Alex voice that completes my day and the very interesting thing about him is that when he's singing live, the song was better than the studio version.

This song was also the rhythm I was listening to when me and my girl broke up with some private issues and I really don't know what to do. After hearing this song and realized the very meaning of its letters, I was really cheered up! As the title says "Damn if I Do You, Damn If I don't". Damn If I Do come back to her because I'll be accepting the things we argued with and the cause of our breakup but Damn If I Don't for the very reason of losing my one and only beloved girl, the one who makes me laugh and cry, the person whom I put my trust with, the one who makes me strong and the very goal of my life. So my answer to that confusion and heartache is Damn If I Don't.

Here's the live performance of the Band All Time Low and this one is so freaking sweet!

This video is from youtube and I just want to clear that I don't own the song and the video.


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