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Exhausting Week of Mine

| | Friday, December 4, 2009

Same things are happening this week and for this Friday, I'm getting even more busy than the past previous days. No co-workers are attending the shop at the past three days and this is really getting insane. Because of this freaky days I am having, sometimes it comes up to my mind that I'll be looking for other better jobs out there. Realizing that I'm only a high school graduate and doesn't have any school degrees, what company will accept me? Having this kind of job is really a big factor to me. This is where my daily needs are coming from and when I lose this one, I don't have any idea what will I become and in the worst case scenario, I can't continue blogging losing my job.

My job is really important to me, I'm treating it as if this is my life. Without this I don't even know where will I be right now and thinking this worst thing really gives me headache or even a migraine. Tomorrow is Saturday and there will be no schools for students and as for the shop it also means that customers will surely decrease. I just want to sleep this night thinking that I'll be working tomorrow with my co-worker. I'll be hoping for my sixteen year old nephew that she will help me on the shop doing those daily basic jobs tomorrow.

Being busy this whole week makes my body goes weaker and weaker, maybe people can't see it but this is my body and I know how painful it really feels. I'm always down after work, super exhausted and it feels like my whole body is getting heavier every minute. I'm doomed if this continous on, thinking of myself and most especially my health, I know what's happening right now is wrong. I don't want that in future years, illness will eat this body of mine.

While blogging this post, I forgot to call my girl after finishing my lunch because I told her to wait for it. So here it comes, a call from her angrily speaking to me at the phone making him wait for hours. I feel really bad for myself. Because I'm really tired, I even forgot the promise I spoke to my beloved one. Thinking of returning the favor to her calling and caress my boo. Let me finish this article by leaving you a nice goodnight.


Dwacon® said...

Slow down... take it e-z.

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Take it easy.
I am dropping EC here. Enjoy the weekend. :)

leeneqn said...

take it easy sir...

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